Hey there! I'm Corah, a West London based graphic designer with a love for all things creative.
I started my first design role at the age of 18 after finishing my A-Levels at the successful publishing house, Pearson. I took two roles over two years at the publishing house before attending Roehampton University, where I secured myself a 2:1 in Photography with Film (BA Hons). I started to work with startups and bloggers to create their social media content. 
I am an avid illustrator and have a variety of work available to purchase in my online store


Professional experience
March 2019 - January 2020
I created a wide range of print and digital collateral in order to support the wider Marketing function of the business. Playing an integral role within the Marketing team to produce assets for the eCommerce, retail and marketing campaigns. I was tasked with developing new concepts through to design and production stages as well as completing and creating artwork for brand communications. Overall, I played a vital role in all print formats to do with the business including POS, Catalogues, Door Drops and Flyers. On a day-to-day basis, I designed assets for the website, weekly emails, social and paid media channels whilst researching images, typography, design trends and keeping on top of competitors’ content. As of October 2019, I had my designs for sofa.com’s brand campaign displayed on digital screens all over the UK. I have also re-designed the Trade Brochure and contributed heavily to the SS19 and AW19 catalogs.
October 2017 - April 2018
I ran and designed the social media content for Pad Stylist, creating fresh and trendy graphics for their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest content, as well as ensuring the company’s Houzz account was up to date with new original designs. I curated the imagery and sourced images through press release websites such as PressLoft and PRShots so we can share up-to-date and on-trend imagery to our followers. I also used my skills with creative writing and develop the copy and tag-lines for social channels in advance after sourcing imagery.  The other main part of my role was to provide designs for the team such as business cards, leaflets and info booklets to use as promotional content and in-house documents that translate well for print. I also created graphics, web banners and images that are used throughout social channels and website design.
April 2018 - March 2019
Trellis was a start-up digital marketing consultancy, working with small businesses across a range of industries in London. My job role required me to efficiently manage their design and content creation services for the company’s wide range of clients. During my time at this agency, I utilised my creativity to tackle a wide range of tasks from GIF creation, image editing, photography, graphic design as well as designs for leaflets, posters, business cards and online web assets such as display/affiliate adverts and video on demand edits. I worked with a variety of clients such as The Linen Co, small restaurant franchises like Built Burgers, and high-end furniture brand Venoor Living. It was creatively stimulating to be able to produce such varied assets for the array of brands as it meant I could be truly creative in everything I produced, presenting various ideas and concepts for each small business and their marketing concepts. I thoroughly enjoyed assisting small businesses to develop their brand identity and appreciated the variety that this particular role brought.  
May - September 2013
I was able to apply for a second design role within the Learning Solutions department due to my previous temporary role there in 2012. In this new role as a Design Assistant, I was able to adapt my previously learned skills from my role as a temporary designer to challenge new tasks and problems. This role required me to use my creative eye more independently and I was much more reliant on my own initiative and time management skills to create more bespoke designs for authors. This was essential in my development as a designer as it prompted me to rely on my own keen eye for layout, typography, and awareness of design trends.  I created more designs from scratch and update and templates for educational books that were kept on the system should an author wish to select a jacket style themselves. This new role gave me more responsibility in the editing of book contents, including preliminary pages, selecting appropriate stylisation and fonts that are in keeping with the overall format of the book. The opportunity also arose for me to use my video editing skills on multiple occasions for ebook videos, which developed my fluency with Final Cut Pro and workflow strategies.

Designer. Illustrator. Animator. 

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