Decorating Bone China with Water Decals

Since this COVID-19 outbreak, we're all taking time to be at home more. Avoiding social gatherings, unnecessary outings and taking life a bit more slowly in general. I have been busying myself with transferring my illustrations onto ceramics with decals printed by and its the best decision I've made during this strange time of health crisis (aside from deciding to self isolate myself, of course.)

I learnt the process for waterslide decals in a class that my friends got me for my birthday. I went along with my mum and we learnt the simple and effective technique! It's great because anyone can do it.

Step 1. Cut out your deals (as close to the image as possible, around 1 mm).

Step 2. Immerse your decal in a bowl of warm clean water for about 30 seconds (until the decal is happy to slide off its backing paper).

Step 3. Slide the decal off the backing paper and onto what you're decorating and place it where you wish.

Step 4. Remove and air bubbles with a a sponge or equivalent, then dry off with a paper towel.

Then leave your design to air dry, I usually leave mine over night for ease. Then pop it in the oven (unless you are living a wonderful life where you have a kiln at home, in which case I am very jealous), and start on the lowest oven temperature setting, gradually increasing by 10 degrees every 10-15 minutes. Don't increase you ovens temperature too high as it can result in your ceramics cracking! Do this for about an hour, although they do say that the longer you bake it for the better the seal on the design.

Leave it to cool and voila! Your personalised ceramic is complete. (Although its probably not dishwasher safe unless you coat it in a sealant spray - so don't go too crazy with it).

You can see some of my creations on my instagram.

Stay safe and wash those hands!

Corah x


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