The return of the greetings cards! with Thortful

Covid-19 has caused a lot of ups and downs for all of us and some more than others. One thing we can all agree on though is that it can be really hard to be away from our loved ones more than we'd like to be. Due to everyone having to stay apart from their family and friends it would seem that the idea of sending a card in the post has never been so useful. We may not be able to physically hug each other without picturing a zombie apocalypse but we can at least pop a bit of lovingly intentioned card in the post for events that we can't be together for. has been on the greetings card market for a while now but has never been so poignant for sending something extra special to loved ones. Whether you need a birthday card, condolence card, or even a card for a bit of fun to brighten up someone's day, they have a vast array of greetings card designs.

I have decided to join in with the revival of the greetings card! I have a small selection of classical art theme cards available on their website (a few with a fantastically punny tag line).

Head to: to have a look at my classical art card collection!

Stay cool,

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